ASIO Driver - Sample Rate

  • [Issue] Can't change sample rate to 44.1kHz, driver always forces 48kHz rate.
    In ASIO settings there is no way to modify sample rate and DAW's request to change it to 44100 is ignored as well.

    Is there any workaround? Or can you add 44.1kHz with next update?
    All my projects are 44.1kHz/24bit, resampling is not an option :(

    P.S. Tested on driver 4.80.0 under Windows 10 x64

  • @sever-sudakov You need to submit that to support through the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page -- while PG employees do monitor this forum you'll be more certain that your request gets to the proper people by using the "Contact Support" page.

  • I've got the reply from support team. Spark 40 can only work in 48KHz mode due to HW limitations.

  • @sever-sudakov Thanks for sharing that information with us. It will save many (who actually read your message!) from frustrations later on. Now we know that any project we want to use the Spark Amp as an interface for will need to be set at 48K when it starts. For my uses, I'll most likely use a cable from the headphone jack into an audio interface so that I'll be able to select whatever sample rate I want.

  • @dhbailey That is something that in 2020 is not understandable, I own a VOX ADIO Air GT and it is waaay better made in terms of connectvity.