Create and edit backing track

  • I tried creating a backing track for the first time and have some questions.

    First, I only see two drummers. Is that it? Neither description was what I was looking for in this case.

    Second, after strumming 8 bars, the resulting chart was full of errors. Can it be edited somehow? Or alternatively, can the user start with a blank field and fill in the chords?

  • @bob604 Yes, there are only two drummers so far to choose from. The second one was added only a few weeks ago, so there is hope that more will be coming along in future updates to the app.

    Regarding editing the smartjam backing track -- put your finger on the chord you want to edit and hold it. A small popup appears with the words Edit Chord. Tap on that and you get a screen with two dials -- the left one is for changing the root of the chord and the one on the right is for changing the chord extension. At the bottom are two options, one highlighted in red, saying "Apply." The lower one says "Apply to All parts." This a tricky option and one that I hope they will either expand or change. If you tap on "Apply to All Parts" any chord in the same position as the one you are editing in the different sections (verse/chorus/bridge). So if you change the 1st chord in a section and choose "Apply to All Parts" then the 1st chord in each section will be changed. However not every chord of the same original type will necessarily be changed, just those in the same position in each section.

    I would love for them to add the capability to, for example, change a Bbm7 chord to a Gm9 chord and apply that to every Bbm7 in the original, regardless of the position in any of the sections of the song.

    I have submitted that request as a support ticket to PG.

  • @dhbailey - thank you for your helpful answers. I got sidetracked creating a backing track with a DAW in the meantime. The edit feature should be useful.