Latest Update Version Changes

  • Whats up with the latest update and my presets?

    Some of my presets have a "Green Box" with the word "Match" in it on the speaker cabinet. What does that mean?

    Some of my presets seem to be louder since this last update.

    Also, on some of my presets that use 3rd Party cabs a double click on the cad gets the message " Can not find current IR loader". But....if I single clikc the cab and then click on "load" in the IR Loader it brings up the files and show the "Current" cab.

  • I am curious about this, too. When I select a stock preset, some cabs have that green box but these cabs seem to be stock cabs as well. So, what has changed?

  • Moderator

    It means it's an Amp Match amp

  • I've noticed a lot of the amp models have been updated to V2 and sound a little different. I think they remodeled some amps. I assume with matching cabinets? Mike what does Amp Match mean?

  • I have the exact same issue here. Even all my presets have had a changed of cabs with the word match and now sound like absolute garbage. And i cannot remember which cabs were originally used on the presets as i have over 30 GB library of cab IR's. Seriously not helps full for my mixing and session work.