How do you create your own rigs to ToneCloud?

  • Just got my Spark. I've downloaded a number of the Pre-sets that a are within the Tonecloud library. How are you able to create your own rig setup for Spark? Do I need to create it in BIAS FX2 and then upload it, and THEN I can find it for use with my Spark? How does this work? Any help for a Rookie at this would be greatly appreciated!

  • @the-mean-street No - BiasFX isn't related to the Spark Amp. You use the SparkAmp on your phone to work out the various effects, amp-simulations, and levels you want to get your desired tone. Once you've got a sound you like on your Spark Amp, you tap the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen where you alter the effects, amp simulation, etc. and a menu opens up with the options Overwrite, Save as New, Share to ToneCloud, Delete, Save to Hardware. If you want to upload your new sound to the cloud you select "Share to ToneCloud."

  • Still do I choose the different effect...It appears I can only get already-created rigs from ToneCloud on the Spark app.

  • @the-mean-street That's what's up on the tone cloud -- different complete sounds that users have created, using the effects chain and amp simulations built into the Spark amp and the Spark Amp app. There aren't different effects and different amp simulations in the tonecloud. Just different settings (some effects turned off, others on, different settings for the various knobs). You can download those "tones" and then either use them on the Spark Amp as they are or you can alter them as you feel. You can choose the different effects listed in each type, you can choose the different amp simulation, play around with the settings and then you tap the 3 dots in the upper right of that screen and there are options there to save it in your app or upload it to the cloud.

  • I am new to Spark but after spending couple hours, I understand that you can only upload and download tones to and from the cloud but you can’t populate your tone list. An account under your username would be necessary to achieve that. It would be great to be able to do that in case you go to your buddy’s house (and he also have a Spark) and your tones are all on your IPad at home and not on your phone. Hopefully, PG is reading forums and listens.

  • @alain-lacerte You can save any tones you've downloaded to your own device and bring that along with your amp. You can "favorite" any tones in the cloud (from what I understand - I may be mistaken). But you need to log into your account, so if you're using your buddy's device to do that he won't be able to access his things. The app can only log into one account at a time, as far as I can tell. But it's an easy thing to put the Spark Amp app on your phone, and keep both of your devices loaded with the same tones. then all you'd have to do is to pair your phone with your buddy's amp. Or simply keep a PDF file listing the tones you really like so your buddy can download them and try them out. There are lots of ways around the problem.

    Regarding PG reading the forums and listening to people's suggestions and complaints, almost no developers act on things mentioned in forums. Most developers want them submitted as support tickets -- PG has an easy to use form on their website. If you submit suggestions that way you'll get a personal response (may take a couple of days) which will basically say that they will pass your suggestion along to the development team. Then we simply have to wait for the next update of the app to see which of our suggestions have been acted upon.

    I think that being able to log into our own Spark ToneCloud account on any device (so we could do it on a buddy's device) to access any tones we've made favorites is a great idea.

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