bias amp 2 cabinet sounds dead and muffled compared to bias amp 1

  • I tried identic sounds with same setting in amp1 and amp 2. In bias amp 1 the cabinets sounds fresh, transparent and got much pretty hights. With same presets in bias amp 2 the same cabinets all sounding dead and muffled. I tried anything but no success. Purchased Celestion modern vintage pack same dead-sounding. I tried various IRs but find the factory cabs in bias 1 are the best. Unfortunately with bias head cabs sound on it same muddy. Apparently there is no possibility to use bias amp 1 with bias head or downgrade bias head to older firmware to make it compliant to bias amp 1 or import amp 1 cabs to amp 2. So I am very dissappointed with it. Anyone an Idea or similar experience?