Turn bass off in jam?

  • How do you turn the bass off with the drumming jam feature. How do you edit what is pre laid out song structure wise? Any tips for working with this tool? Can you mix individual drum levels like kick, snare, etc? I was expecting this feature to be much nicer than my trio+ pedal but sparks jam just ain’t living up to the hype so far.

    Also can you turn on a click track what spark jam is learning your song? That would be very helpful. Or just have it let you record until your end and the last beat of a bar and spark jams picks an appropriate groove and tempo based on your rhythm.

  • @nsweeney333 You should submit a tech support ticket with the requests you mention: Ability to turn off the bass in the smart jam, and also the ability to adjust the levels of the different drum kit sounds, and also the ability to have a click track while playing in those 8 bars. I've submitted several suggestions (not for these issues) that way and I've always gotten a human response in a couple of days which says "It will be addressed to the team and we will try to make it possible soon." Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen. But the way that features get added/improved is to have multiple people requesting the same thing. Since development dollars are not unlimited development teams have to prioritize what they will work on, and that usually involves the following factors:

    1. how easy or difficult it is to do something;
    2. how much time (i.e. money) will it take to do it;
    3. how many people are asking for it;

    So the more people you can recruit to submit requests for your issues, the more likely it is that they will happen.