Is it possible to save tempo in preset

  • I have some effects (such as delay) that depends on current bpm. Accidentally I figured out that tempo is not saved in preset. I change the preset and tempo value stays the same. So my delays sounds out of time.
    Is there any way to save tempo setting in the preset except setting up the delay in milliseconds?

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    as far as i know tempo is global and can't be saved in preset.
    your best option for now is to use a remote midi footcontroller and assign tap tempo function to it..
    Global tempo is helpful for some stuff, but would be nice have also the option to save it in patch

  • @salvatore-di-piazza do you know how to assign tap tempo to midi footcontroller? I see no options for that.

  • What about the virtual switch on the pedals for BPM or manual? If the BPM is switched off, wouldn't that allow you to save per patch? I'm not near my computer to check, nor do I ever use the pedals out of BPM mode so I'm just guessing here...

    Switched out of BPM mode should allow least my thinking tells me so and the toggle switch is right there on the pedals themselves...

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    You'll find tap tempo function in midi settings > midi control assignments > add New control assignment > utility

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    If you switch off the bpm from the pedal you would have to deal with the setting of the knob in milliseconds...So you should be able so salve that...Beside the annoying part of calcolate the exact value in milliseconds you need in every patch, this should be a good work-around... Good idea!