Generic email response template

  • Ordered January 31st, #134xxx. I have attempted to contact Positive Grid regarding shipping and tracking information that was promised to me 6 Weeks ago when I received the "in transit" email on May 13th. After 3 attempts at emailing the company, I have received the same generic email template telling me to be patient and they understand, blah blah blah..
    Hopeful that my amp was being shipped out with the others I've read who have ordered around the same date as I did, even after, starting to actually get tracking info or even their amp but I have received nothing from a real representative with Positive Grid. Patience is far from an acceptable answer, I do not wish to have a refund. I just want some sort of response from an actual employee. Any suggestions on how to actually get in contact with someone from this company?

  • @tim-a-brant I ordered on Jan2 X and got the same May 13th note you did. No changes in the track page either.

  • @tim-a-brant Nope, same situation here. They have NO Customer Support. Replying back with a generic response each time a paying customer asks a question is NOT customer support. This company is a total joke and failure.

    For 4 months I was patient and gave this company the benefit of the doubt. Now, I know. This company has no hope of long term success. None.

  • Just an automated reply to any emails. 2 seconds after I sent an email I received the same general reply email.