Noise Gate issues...

  • Not sure if this is just me, but I find that when using noise gate to handle higher gain excess, the noise gate behaves odd. It sort of degrades over a period of days. If this makes sense, here's what I see:
    I choose a good amp with high gain. Obviously needs noise gate.
    Day 1 I set the threshold to 20%, is ok.
    Day 2 20% is no longer eliminating hum, and I need to tweak up to 30%
    Day 3, I'm going up to 40-50%
    By Day 4 I'm typically going to 75% or more, which is defeating the purpose.
    Day 5 I delete the amp and redownload, and I'm back to about 20% working ok.
    Day 6 seems to need about 30%
    and... so the cycle goes.

    To answer the immediate questions I can think of, yes I'm restarting BIAS Amp in between. I have it only running while I'm using it, then closing when not.
    I've been using the same Amp - an official one off tone cloud - and have tried other amps with same result.

    Any thoughts? I'm running on MacOS Catalina, with current version of Bias Amp

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  • its not all about Spark..i think he is talking about a Bias Amp

  • Mea culpa, sorry!