Cost? There should be consideration for elite owners.

  • Damn guys, every time I think I’ve bought all I should need it turns out it’s just the tip of iceberg. I’ve spent as much on just mobile software as I have with my real amps and pedals over 20 years. There should more considerations for cross platform use, at least for professional and elite buyers. Seriously we actually have to pay full price For mobile and then pc accessibility.? FULL PRICE.....WTF? I could see a cross platform fee at a reasonable price, or at least the add ons being given to us for free, lol free, it’s not we didn’t already lay out some serious cheddar. You have a great product, though the elite verses pro, not getting much for my dollar.Then find out now I have amp software to buy then more speakers. I’ve dropped almost a grand so far and I haven’t even Gotten close to maxing out the mobile and my pc I’m still basic. It’s bit rough, and no refunds to find out the extra elite really wasn’t worth it. Hell at least at GC I can exchange a product I wasn’t happy with. I’m just saying, with that kind of MoneY being spent There should be more redeemable considerations for the spenders. Again I think you have a great product but to make it all work at these prices I have you, then the daw companies and the interfaces. Even IK at least gives you cross platform. At this point I have sworn off spending another dime with you guys until I feel that it’s somewhat cost effective. Hell I’m running IKS Pro duo Interface and it’ll Be another 300 Plus for their new full out guitar interface but it’ll max out the software. I get it I know it’s just business, but You‘re bleeding me dry. If I were a 20 something again there is no way I could keep up with these prices. I will say so far I’ve been happier your sounds. I totally stopped buying IK platforms cuz digital until now has offended my ears. And that’s why I dropped a much a I have with you. BTW the spark is a lot of fun.


  • Hi, I am going to be the respectful “Blackhat” here and am definitely not A PG fan boy. I challenge some of your well worded points of view. I purchased the Elite Version of Bias FX2 at last years Black Friday sale for $110, based on 60 % sale and a $10 off code. I personally have found this to be unbelievable value and don’t expect any additional benefits or discounts from this purchase. This is basically the same price many companies are providing one amp model with a few effects.

  • @dratmanh what companies function the way you are wishing?

    iKmultimedia and any other company that offers a core app(s) and then creates extra content to sell for it will not do as you ask and nor will this company or any kind of software company (unless it benefits them - like sold with a piece of hardware)

    a valid point almost made was "Hell at least at GC I can exchange a product I wasn’t happy with."

    I say almost in that you can "return" gear to where you bought it for refund as you can with software sometimes and I would add that you can also openly resell gear (sometimes in the very same place you bought it for a commission = license transfer fee) and with this "virtual gear" that costs a lot of money you are "not allowed to openly resell it" to recover your investment should you decide to move on for any reason be it of the mind or health

    To that issue I would say Positive Greed to needs to step forward and openly allow us to resell if and when we want to (we can always buy it all again after if we choose) to make it at least feel like we are not holding a sock full of coal...

  • @lecuyer8 I think the main question was - why does one have to pay for cross platform content after buying all content under the title "elite" on one of those platforms?

    this is a huge misunderstanding by a lot of buyers who want to use a single word "elite" to define what they think they are owed and is quite interesting to watch - what if the top tier was called "scumbag" ? I wonder then if people would still think they were entitled to all cross platform content

    Cross platform content is rooted in game software - some made it free some did not but that is a different market a huge non niche market, whereas guitar software is niche like it or not and that means less competition between companies so they don't really have to bend as long as new buyers are born every minute

    I too feel like I got good value "almost" and spent many hundreds (more than I should have) why almost? for the reason that made me say "more than I should have" = no open resell value

  • , you are correct in that these companies really are a niche market which supports my comments on Value. I have read a few posts on this forum from an individual who calculates the revenue that PG has achieved based on Spark sales. For a comparison, Apple makes the equivalent revenue in a few minutes in what PG has taken many months to achieve from the Spark product. When I mentioned other software modeller companies competing with PG. many of these companies only offer one amp sim along with a few effects for the same price as what I paid for the Elite version of FX2. These are smaller companies than PG that need to recover their investment so I don’t challenge their marketing, and I don’t believe they even offer mobile versions of the software. I go back to value , I don’t expect anything more from my FX2 investment. No cross platform deals or even resale.

    I am going to be purchasing a new vehicle this year. Talk about losing money. A necessary commodity in my life with a relatively low value quotient.

  • @lecuyer8 go electric if you can, it pays you back some - cheers