Can the spark handle other instruments (keyboard?)

  • I have a yamaha CS synthesizer with a looper, and I would very much like to connect my guitar and keyboard to a mixer so I can loop a bass line on my Yamaha and play over it on my guitar - can this amp handle that? (I know a normal guitar amp cannot safely make many of these frequencies, but this amp seems to produce sound via a speaker setup and not a typical mono guitar amplifier)

    Also - is there only one input (I would have to use a mixer and cant plug into an aux in on th keyboard?)

    Similarly, if I recorded a song on the keyboard I should be able to play that through he amp and jam along, correct?

  • @dan-matera If you get a cable that goes from the output on your Yamaha (probably 1/4") down to the typical headphone jack (1/8"), then you can put that output through the Spark's external device jack. The amp itself has only one 1/4" input jack so you can't use the normal output from the Yamaha and your guitar both running through the amplifier's effects and amp simulations but then you probably won't want to be doing that. But with the right adapter cable you should be able to take advantage of whatever output you can get from the Yamaha (including looping a bass line) and jam over it with your guitar plugged into the main input jack on the Spark.

  • @dan-matera Yes, once you get the right size adapter cable you can record a song on the Yamaha and have that play through the auxiliary input on the Spark while you jam along with guitar.