• Hi, often, when I play stopped bass power chords I hear an annoying CRACK. I have the latest firmware. Anyway it stands with all firmware. Try several cables and guitars. Put the ground of the usb at my home ground to eliminate the hum... but the crack still remain. I think the cpu is overloaded or some wrong capacitor used to made the spark.

  • @giampiero-arnoni i have the exact same problem. Its super annoying. I patiently waited 8 months to receive the spark, plugged in and now have to deal with this. Can't seem to find a solution to it.

  • @t-r-paintinganddecorating it seems we have to turn almost down all the bass knob because the spark it’s a full range frequencies cabinet (it’s made to play also just music with Bluetooth) so if we play guitar the cab goes in distortion because to many bass equalisation (I don’t want to think who use the Spark to play bass). We could bypass this operation waiting a firmware who recognise this issue or with most probably waiting a global equaliser in the app (you could also use a passive crossover that cut bass frequencies in the input jack, but is complicated). Hope this will help you.

  • @giampiero-arnoni thanks for the reply. I just find the whole thing very frustrating, these issues should have been dealt with before release. I would have rather waited longer and recieved one that has no issues. I'll turn the bass down and see if that makes a difference, from what I've read this is just one of many problems and ours seems to be not that common (yet).

  • I've only had mine for a couple of days now and I'm experiencing the same issue you both described. I thought the speaker was partially blown, like the cone was separating from the basket, but there's no crackling with mid to high frequencies. I get that it has smallish speakers, but it's sure disappointing to hear crackling anytime I'm chugging a chord on the lower strings.

    Did you guys figure out a solution other than turning the bass down?

  • @giampiero-arnoni said in CRACKING NOISE:

    (I don’t want to think who use the Spark to play bass).

    I've used a bass on it a few times, it's pretty good for home use, better than any cheap bass combo <40w out there

  • Hi I am having the same issue, both the music playing and guitar playing has this annoying noise, tried factory reset and updating the firmware and nothing changed.

    Anyone solved this problem?