New installation.

  • Just installed Bias Fx 2 on my computer.
    It is installed OK in my DAW but I also would like to have it as a stand alone and if possible have a desktop icon.
    Is this possible and if do I go about doing this?

    Thank you in advace for any reply.
    Much appreciated.


  • I don't think there is anything special you need to do to use the standalone app.
    If you use Windows it's located here:
    C:\Program Files\BIAS FX 2 Application (64bit)

  • @gstm66 windows or mac? if mac it is a separate installer for the standalone, if windows it is in the only download - "desktop icon" you have absolute control over this on any computer with any software it is the simplest of tasks to accomplish seriously, on windows find your executable file file.exe where file is the name of the program you want a shortcut to on your desktop and right click it with your mouse to get options menu select create shortcut as I recall - mac too easy so no need to explain right - cheers

  • ive tried several times to get stand alone FX2 on WIN 10 but still no output signal..test in audio gives output tone but not working.