• I just got my Spark in yesterday after a lengthy wait. For the most part I'm an acoustic player so I'm not very familiar with the amps and related tech and I just got this thing yesterday so I apologize if a dumb question. Is it possible to just get a simple looping kick drum out of this thing to play acoustic over top of?

  • Hi, the most simple way would be a metronome, but I suggest you use a youtube-track with kickdrums like an let it play as a backing track.

  • Another option could be to play a drum loop app from your mobile/tablet through the Spark, either via bluetooth, or the 3.5mm AUX. You can even vary BPMs easily that way, though youtube tracks can be a little bit more elaborated in some cases ;)

  • Thank you both for your replies. As I said I'm just used to holding a piece of wood and strumming lol so still trying to figure this out. I am going to try both options and very much appreciate the suggestions and advice.