Recently received your Spark? What do you think?

  • We all are well aware of the delivery delays associated with the Spark. I’d like for this thread to bypass that and address what new Spark owners think about their new toy. Does it live up to your expectations? List your personal pros & cons. What feature do you like best? What do you wish had been included? What needs to be changed/fixed?

    Please be honest. I’m really looking forward to receiving my Spark 40!

  • @kekotorres56 sleep sweet dream my friend.... Spark is really cool.. Great sound with fun features. Beer in mind this is not a guitar amp, it is a very clever and nice practicing tool with great hi-fi sound

  • A week in and I'm loving it. Had some initial frustrations with hiss and hum but sorted by swapping guitar leads. At the moment I'm using it almost exclusively to play along with songs and backing tracks and it's perfect for that. I pretty much learned to play guitar this way; playing along to CDs and cassettes. These days I mostly need to jam with headphones (kids asleep when I get chance to play) and it's always been a bit of a pain to load up my DAW, use some guitar plugins and try to jam along with YouTube or whatever. The spark is so instant for this - just turn it on, connect my phone and play along with whatever tunes I want from deezer. My playing has improved already! I've not even tried any of the other features because I'm enjoying this so much. The sounds are good to my ear. It's never going to sound like a proper amp but that's not the point. It's fantastic for practicing and that's the whole idea. Given that you can spend more on just a guitar pedal, it's unbelievable value.

  • Love it!! I wish it had a bluetooth pedal that would at least allow 4 foot switches to change between the presets. Adding a looper button wouldn't be bad also. It seems that would not be a big problem. I realize you wouldn't be able to connect the app at the same time. But is would be great for small performances.

    Also, it would be helpful to update the app so that it didn't automatically connect. I have the app on my phone and on my tablet and i have to keep turning bluetooth on and off, depending on which one I want to connect.

    The last thing is that I am able to use all of the functions with my Samsung S9 phone but my Samsung Galaxy Tab A doesn't seem to be able to hear when I use the Create (backing track) function. Yet it has no problem with voice commands.

  • @pontesilli70 Can you explain what you mean by it is not a guitar amp?

  • @doug The sound is great from Spark, but of course a real tube amp amplifier would be more suitable for gigs whrn you can crunck up to high volumes and feel the distortion from tubes....Spark gets very close to that but at 1/100th of the Volume! So you can play along and still have fun without having neighborohds calling the police (if you like me live in a small condo downtown Rome...!)

  • It’s been a long wait, but pretty happy with it. It’s perfect for jamming along to YouTube videos and backing tracks.

    Clean and crunchy sounds are brilliant, really impressive. Clapton tones, Hendrix tones, perfect.

    Heavy gain not so good, in fact disappointing. I was hoping for some Alter Bridge, BSC type strong and heavy tones but they sound like cheap beginner amp overdrive. I’ve found a great Metallica sound that’s got guts but struggling to get anything really meaty

  • @pontesilli70 Thank you for your response. Do you think the quality is good enough that you could feed the output to another amp that did have power?

  • I love it. Build quality is excellent. I have more terrific amp sounds than I imagined and I’m learning a ton about fx boxes. The power adaptor doesn’t meet that standard, however. It works, but it’s a sloppy fit and not designed with the same care, imo.

    I’m also looking for a rechargeable solution.

    In terms of range, it’s way beyond my needs; I doubt I’ll venture much into the rock/alternative sounds - the clean sounds I prefer are all excellent.

    US$209? That’s a serious bargain, imo.

  • @doug I don't think you can use Spark to feed an external Amp/cabinet for there is not Send/return option, you can only USB it (PC) or I guess you can get the stereo output from headphone plug...or mic it could be another solution, but not to an external guitar Amp (Why would you need that for?)....