How to find ‘named’ tones ?

  • Hi all,

    How do I find tones that I’ve been impressed with from Spark reviewers on YouTube?

    A guy called Karl Golden has some cool tones - but how do I find him and / or his tones on my Spark app ?


    Ps what an amp !

  • You’d have to search the Tonecloud and hope that the people put their patch creation up there and hope the patch was created on a Spark not Bias. When searching for Karl Golden or just Karl, nothing came up. Searching in Tonecloud is kinda awkward, seaching for “Slash Tone” (like Karl showed), yields “slash afd” by Karl Hamilton. Searching for “Slash” gets a bunch of presets, but none that say Slash Tone and none created by Karl Golden. I did get lucky and found “Green Day Tone” by Karl Golden, but thru the speakers or thru headsets, the tone sounds nothing like the youtube video, very midrangy and lots of delay. I guess you could download that and use as a template to adjust things to sound better.

  • Thanks for your reply ! Interesting that the tone you did manage to find is quite different to that on YouTube