Shipping delay complaints

  • Wouldn't it be a good idea to have all shipping and delay complaints moderated to a separate section? It's really quite a bummer to be seeing all that stuff when you actually have a Spark and just need help using it.
    I guess I was lucky. I could not order the Spark direct from Positive Grid (shipment to several European countries was possible, but not to the Netherlands) so I checked out eBay. Found a new one on eBay in Germany. Bought it, waited 6 days, and now I'm playing. Well impressed at the amp!

  • @cronos even as someone who's posted a few complaints/updates I agree. I've only replied in existing shipping threads but it might be a good idea to sticky a megathread at the top for shipping.

    However, that would require PG or whoever runs this forum for them to acknowledge the shipping delays are problem worthy of a sticky. I don't see that happening!

  • I'm in NSW Australia .a container vessel coming from China had problems off the coast of OZ and dumped a number of containers in the ocean ..Could PG give us confirmation that their product was not on this arrival and is still heading my way.
    EarlyJan order.123640