rattling noise in Spark amp...

  • I really like the sound of the Spark amp but I am getting a rattling noise, especially at medium volumes (clean setting). Also when I turn on the amp it automatically goes to an overdrive setting even though the indicator knob is set to the clean setting... and it adds delay even though the delay knob is turned all the way down. I have to reset both knobs to get the clean sound every time I turn on the amp. Anyone else have these issues and any solutions? TIA

  • I haven't had any rattling issues. When you get the settings where you want, push and hold one of the preset buttons to save your settings. Then it will load the way you like it. The amp knob only changes the amp model from what I can tell. The presets save all the amp and effects settings.

  • As above, the Spark will turn on to the last preset you selected from the top buttons labeled 1/2/3/4. So if you had it on preset 1 when you turned it off, that’s the preset that you will hear when turning on. Similarly, if you had it on preset 3 when you turned off, that’s the preset that will play when you first turn it on. If you use the app to select a preset from one of the categories such as Blues or Rock or Metal (but you don’t save that preset to one of the Spark 1/2/3/4 button presets) and turn the Spark off when using that app preset, the Spark will turn on to the last used preset from the buttons 1/2/3/4 on the Spark.
    Also, the presets load to the amp and knob details that were saved with the preset. Turning any of the knobs on the Spark after a preset is engaged will then modify the Spark based on where you are turning the knobs.

  • @getken if you want a clean sound with no delay every time you turn on your Spark, after you adjust all the knobs to get the tone you desire, make sure you save to a preset (I suggest #1 as easy to remember). Then make sure you are back on preset 1 when you turn off the Spark. It will then turn on to your Clean preset #1.

  • @bschultz8 Just to be sure I understand -- the Spark won't startup with the last setup we downloaded unless we save it to one of the slots and have that selected when we turn the amp off? I was hoping that we could download any of the setups in the cloud and once in the amp it would stay there until/unless changed either by using a preset or downloading another setup. If the Spark only turns on with whatever preset was selected when it was turned off, that's a great piece of knowledge to have before my amp arrives. Thank you for clarifying!

  • @dhbailey

    When you download a tone from the tone cloud, you have to choose where to save it - to a bank (metal, pop, rock, acoustic etc.,) or a hardware preset (1/2/3/4). It'll still be there when you restart the amp, although the amp will open to the last preset chosen.