anyone got the android app working at all ???

  • The spark app on android 10 cannot find/connect at all to the amp. I tried with an old motorola phone running android 6 and it can connect to the amp but crashes everytime I switch presets.

    Tried it with a friends iPhone and it works just fine.

    So positive grid, what are the plans wrt android support ?

    I can't buy an iphone just to control my spark.

  • @remi-delmas-3000 I use it with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro on Android 10 and it works. A downside is that you may not use the powersave-mode because everytime when the display switches off the music of a playback-track stops.

    BTW: They fixed some bugs with the new "big" update which arrived just yesterday.

    Good luck and I hope problems for your android phone disappear soon.

  • No issues with a Pixel 4XL running Android 10. I agree it would be nice to having a setting in the app to keep the screen on.