Bias Amp 2 and Bias Pedal

  • I have both the Bias Amp 2 and Pedal desktop applications. I moved them last night from the C drive to D drive on the same computer, but all saved settings were wiped out, and the Pedal app said, "Something's wrong, contact Positive Grid" or something like that. i then moved both applications back to the C drive, and still have the same issue with the Pedal app. I spent some time last night and today reloading my IR's, and then they all vanished and I can not load any IR's. I uninstalled both applications and reinstalled them, but the problem remains. HELP PLEASE! Thanks!

  • I figured it out after a few tries. Removed all traces of previous downloads and then downloaded again. Glad I uploaded all my amps to the cloud so I could download them, but I lost all my pedals and will have to redo them. Reloading IR's takes a lot of time, too.