Bias FX 2: Just Broken

  • This has been a very frustrating and disappointing experience. I bought Bias FX 2 and Bias Amp 2 (and X Drummer) all within the last 24 hours.

    Bias AMP 2 simply doesn't work with Bias FX 2. Amps often don't open in Bias FX and when they do, they sound different or bug out with an empty patch and a patch name something like "jjijoijiojojojoiojiojojojojoi...". Worse still, when you go back into Bias Amp 2, the menu bugs out and you can no longer select that amp. If you try delete it, it tells you it failed.

    Bias FX 2 crashes a lot. Try it yourself, go into the online tone library and sort by popularity, then try preview any tone or download and Bias FX 2 will crash. Also, it's spelt "Confirm" not "Comfirm".