239,99 USD upgrade for Bias FX 2 Elite...

  • Hi,
    I did not pay “early items” (or "reserve now" don't recall how it was called), as I read PG post, they will have special prices for current BiasFX Mobile owners.
    I do own “All expansion bundle” on Bias FX Mobile, Bias Amp 2 Mobile, Bias Pedal mobile, I own BIAS FX 2 Elite, Bias Amp 2 Elite, and Bias Pedal and PRO Series on computer.

    Now - I am shocked by the offered in-app price for BiasFX 2 Elite, of “only” 239,99 USD.

    Is that a fucking joke? Really?

    Extremely disappointed, PG. Extremely.

    BTW - looks, like it’s time to go back to AmpliTube.


  • Have no idea how you got that price :P It's about $50 for the upgrade from Bias FX Mobile 1 to Bias FX Mobile 2 Elite ;)

  • I don't know, where from those prices are - I am in Polish shop, so all prices here are in PLN (Polish Zloty).
    Situation changed a bit. Now I have standard price in USD (99,99) and special price for Elite - 239,99 Euro (which is around 250 USD, I believe). A big LOL


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