Shipping information from Positive Grid (5/20/2020).

  • Got this response to my inquiry regarding actual shipping times and dates.

    Thank you again for your pre-order of your Positive Grid Spark!

    We will be shipping Last Chance Special orders starting mid-June and throughout July. All orders will ship based on when the order was placed. Please note that all orders are shipped on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the order date.

    You will receive tracking information via email once your order has been shipped. You can also track your order here:

    Thanks again for your continued support and patience!

    I hope they do what they say they will do... mid June to mid July.

  • @jmorlen They are not telling you the truth. They are way behind in getting amps to FedEx. My label was printed Apr 29th. FedEx still does not have it today. I'm in the Power Supporter group, ordered Nov 22nd. They have promised to ship all of the Power Supporter amps in March. Then April. Then May. Even published nice photos of tall pallets of amps. Zero chance they will start shipping Last Chance orders in June. Zero. Be perpared to wait (and wait). Sorry...

  • Yeah... I'm not holding my breath on this.
    But, I will give them the benefit of the doubt until they give me reason to not believe them.

    Of course, the original verbage on the order sheet said ships in 7-10 business days... sheesh, way off.

  • @jmorlen yea it does ship in 7 days or less, after they receive it from China and when you get the tracking number. Meanwhile the slow boat from China is still chugging along. Hopefully it don’t hit a typhoon or Somalian pirates.

  • Once it leaves China it's got a long journey to the US then it will sit in customs for a couple of weeks before eventually making its way to a distribution centre and eventually its final journey to you unless you're in a different country. All this is backed up due to the global pandemic and many events out of PG's control.

    I think people need to be realistic about how these things work and PG will have undoubtedly learned a few lessons in the process about setting expectations. I look forward to getting my amp in the coming months.

  • @jmorlen I’m seeing examples of first come first delivers is not happening. The spark owners show their docket. Like February 2020 order and they have it. So what’s the truth ??? We want answers and our amps. I have almost bought everything PG has made. Just bought the new iOS fx2 had all the others got them also on Mac. Still waiting on me December spark ⚡️ orders. Come on PG I look after you. Look after me back. I’m happy with the fx2. Needs tweaks and dial ups. And I know a few updates will come. Does need stereo out for iOS speaker 3.5 support.

  • Positive Grid is a very dishonest company and have proven themselves to be liars time and time again. I finally got tired of the bullshit and asked for a refund. They said it could take up to 10 days for the money to show up on my account. That was May 10th. Today is May 23rd and they still have not refunded my money even though my order status says "refunded". There was no problem taking my money but it looks like it's going to be difficult getting it back.

  • @jmorlen I have been waiting for four months now and no end in sight. Good luck on your expected time frame. New amps will probably be out by the time I get mine.