I have uploaded a few tones into the Tonecloud

  • Hey guys,

    Do check out the tones I have uploaded these few days into the tonecloud under the name Shiva Shiva. Let me know what you think.

    1. Hanneman Rhythm
    2. Satriani Always
    3. EJ Cliff Humbucker ( Cliff of dover tone)
    4. Vandenberg WS HIGA ( Whitesnake Here I go Again guitar tone)
    5. Vandenberg Clean ( 1987 album clean tone)

    I will upload more tones soon.


  • Thanks, these sound very good. I tweaked some to my liking as I usually don’t need as much effects. The Vandenberg Clean is now my default saved to The “Hardware” Clean preset #1

  • @bschultz8 thanks man. Yea tweak it as you like as guitars sound differently. Enjoy it man. I have also up loaded 3 new tones


  • Nail bite solo is another keeper, maybe a little over the top on the reverb, but the amp tone is great!

  • @bschultz8 yea... I was thinking of delay instead of the reverb tho

  • I have uploaded Gary Moore Loner tone just now.

  • You should know something about the cloud. There are presets that do not come from the Spark app, but were still adopted by Jamup. I surprisingly found a preset there that I uploaded to Jamup years ago. However, it was not adopted one-to-one, but changed. My Hiwatt 103 at that time became a Fender amp. And the settings of the reverb are also not the ones I made at that time. The settings of the remaining effects have been applied correctly.
    Presets that are very popular with downloads and favorites are often old ones from Jamup that are no longer the same as when they were saved. As a result, many of the top downloads and favorites in the cloud are not really good. IMO we have to recreate the appropriate sounds that we need for certain songs with the Spark app. Simply downloading the old bestsellers is not always the best solution. We have more than 10000 presets but also a lot of presets that are unuseable.

  • @de_cunny I’m assuming Shiva’s recent uploads were created on the Spark as they sound great. His Gary Moore Loner was much better than a couple other ‘loner’ tones that were on tonecloud, but based on the download count and being first on the sorting, those were probably old presets as you mention done before Spark and therefore not really compatible straight across as you say, and therefore the need to create new appropriate sounds with the Spark. Too bad there is not a way to label or search for tones created with the Spark (although maybe could put ‘Spark’ or ‘Spk’ at the end of a tone title).

  • @de_cunny I have not tried Jamup as yet.. however, that’s the beauty of the spark. We are give just a few amps and effects to work around. It is impossible to get the right tones as we all know, most pro guitarists deploy an arsenal of effects and switchers to various amps. Bias FX is very flexible on that terms. I have been going through many tones in the tone cloud recently and there are a few very good ones and mostly it is a bit harrowing for me personally as I am not much of an effects person myself. Nowadays, i plug in straight into the amp with only an AMT S2 pedal on tow. No reverb and no delay. But i like exploring effects with sims and software. Geek kinda thing. My live setup was even bigger back then, I used ADA MP1’s , Eventide, BBE, Rocktron and RANE EQ as a rack unit and a few other pedals on a loop. I found, it is ridiculous. Infact, it was not me, it doesn’t represent my spirit. So with Spark, i can “ improve “ on the tones , given to the fact that I have developed a good listening ear to near match the tones. Let me tell you, you can never get 100% out of it. 60% match is considered good enough.

    So, just enjoy the product bro. Everyone can modify and create new tones using the limited amps and effects chasing. That’s where the fun is!


  • @bschultz8 i did use the spark. I am a bit challenged by the fact that Positive Grid only threw in a few amps and effects. Just imagine, to get a Satrianish tone , you are left with 1 amp and a few effects. I made my Satriani tone using a Treadplate, which is not even what he uses..lol. But given the option, we are taught to manage with the few amps in hand and see where it will take us next. I was running through the 10000 tones in the cloud, I stopped at 50. Many are duplicates, some was posted so many times and it is the same thing. Spark should be more original in their claim when it comes to this. IMHO, many tones are very unusable, noisy, just ridiculous amount of effects that muddies everything, and surprisingly many doesn’t even has an output sound! But i am honoured that people enjoy my upload because i tried my best to mimic the players Whom we admire the most. Even though not even 60% of what the original tone was. I try to cross match the tones i create using the original music by listening to it in the YouTube. It is not easy trust me. But patience is necessary. A lot of careful fine tuning needed.


  • I’ve added another rather simple tone called Indie Emo Crunch.

    Works well on the bridge humbuckers.

  • We spoke about unuseable presets. A good example: In this moment i was playing with the Spark and looking for a good Comfortably numb preset in the cloud. Try this and you'll find 15 presets but not one is useable.

  • Hi,

    I have added Skid Row Lead sound from the 80s into the cloud. Try it out.