Missing music from iTunes in spark app

  • I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue. When I am in the spark app, Bluetooth connected to the amp and playing, I go to the pop out menu to access my iTunes music and can only see items up to the letter “L”.

    I can only see my playlists, and then it shows by individual album titles, and I cannot see where to change my search filter to say search by artist. I can’t find anywhere to disconnect from iTunes and try to reconnect it, and this means I’m missing like half my music from being able to jam in the app.

    I can drop out of the app and go directly into iTunes and jam, while staying connected to a current tone cloud setting, however if I try to go back into the spark app it loses the tone I was using and gives me the last of the four preset tones I had active on the amp. Really annoying!

    It very possibly could be something I’m doing wrong but it’s cutting me off from some of my favorite music that I was looking forward to using this awesome thing to learn better!

    Any advice?

  • Same issue. Plus it only shows 20 songs on my 53 song playlist.

  • I also find that it’s not using MY SONGS from iTunes, it’s grabbing some video file from YouTube with a similar name. In my case, I’m trying to practice my band’s songs, and these are what’s in my playlist - but the songs coming up are different versions sometimes by different bands, or completely wrong versions.

  • I noticed the same thing, I clicked a song from my itunes and it went instead to pulling it from youtube and showing the video while the song was playing

  • @ericnewman same.

  • @ericnewman Same here. I think 20 must be the max. And every time I select a song, it brings up the chord window with the little YouTube window and says Video not available or something. So right now I can't jam with it at all. I'm shooting my First Look YT video for this tomorrow and it's not looking like it's going to be a very positive review at all. If I start a song in Itunes first, then open the app, it kills the itunes audio. So I can't really jam with anything except the backing tracks presented in the app

  • @firehouse5150 you should be able to pull up up your iTunes song in the spark app... but the songs might have to been bought in Apple Music.