How do I connect an expression pedal to the pitch shifter FOR EXPRESSION, not friggin toggling.

  • Nobody has stated how to program for “expression”.. every one talks about how to use an expression pedal to toggle fx.. I’m new to MIDI.. But I’ve figured out enough to get my midi commander from to us the top 1,2,3 and 4 buttons to toggle my preferred fx.And A,B,C and D to toggle my presets. (It’d be nice for it to work like the live view mode displays things.. turning off all mods or selecting between mods(drive, comp, gate, or delay as well). But I can wait on that.. How come when I plug in my expression pedal— EXP-100(should be the same for most cases) It only toggles just fx on and off? There isn’t any expression?! Just on off and then on of a couple times more when I dampen of and on.. it’s probably something simple.. but I am missing it lol