Volume on iPhone11pro an some issues from a restarter ;-)

  • Hello there BIASHeads :-D ... do you say that?

    I pick up the guitar again during the lockdown. And because I have quiet old shity 30 year old equipment I googled a while an try to get to the state of the art for a small budget, and sadly without any advice from a good store employee (Thomann ist 10km from me)

    So I decided to use my iPhone 11 with BIAS FX mobile, and together with the Harley Benton MP-500 (Melo Audio TS MEGA) as the solution with the best price-rate. I run it with headphones or in my old DB Opera 600 Watts singing Monitor

    I struggled a bit with setting it up :-/

    First of all:

    • The Manual of the MP-500 said: "Set your mobile device to 80-90% of Volume. I had done that and it only passed a dry and quiet signal to the speaker. So it took me a while to figure out that it works best with the iPhone Volume at maximum. Even the last step in the volume doubles the output volume in the speaker. I have seen some Tutorials where they also set the level of desktop Macs to max on BIAS.
      --> Is this how it is supposed? Or is there any setting in the iPhone for that?

    Volume from Presets, Volume Topics:

    • i am playing around for some days now. But I can't find out why most of the Presets from the Tonecloud are much louder in general than the Presets that come with the software.
      --> Where is the difference? I can't find signifficant differences in the volume or drive settings in the Amps and Pedals?
      --> And I never was a "Stage Guitarist, ( only a singer in my 20ies) but is there really such an immens difference between the clean sounds an the gained or crunched sounds? How do you deal with that? Guitar Volume? I think this might be an topic for a guitar forum, but maybe somebody knows?

    Input and output things in general:

    • Is it correct to set the input to 0dB? In that case I have to gain my YAMAHA RGX ( 30 years old) to 30 dBs and it is still not there ( I think a "normal" Audio interface can't do that anyway?), maybe there are some dust on the pots from rusting 20 years in the basement :-) A new one with Active´s is on the run ;-)
    • And the output ... is there really a topic with clipping? I mean ... in that stage it is still software, isn't it?

    I think there will be some more Questions in the future ;-)
    I am glad, that the you can easily come to a good tone these days, maybe that was the reason in the old Days why I become a singer :D, because I want carry around Tons of Equip and get poor, to sound like somebody :-/
    What a time to be a live ... sound of all the big ones in my pocket ... and it can also call somebody and take pics of my Kids ... try that with a Fullstack :-D

    Best Wishes and health to all of you from Bamberg in Germany