Metal Distortion Tone - Where to start with making a good sound

  • Hi all,

    I'm still relatively new to BIAS FX 2 and I've really enjoyed some of my own personal presets that I've made so far, especially with cleans, but now I'm trying to flip to the other side of clean vs. dirty.

    I love metal music, lots of power chord heavy type stuff of course, and while I've spent quite a bit of time just tinkering around with some of the factory presets as well as downloaded some very popular ones from the ToneCloud, I feel that I'm struggling to pinpoint a Metal distortion tone that I like. I feel that most everything I come up with is just a step or two away from being what I want and also not being a complete wall of noise where there's next to no note definition on power chords. I also do a lot of cover/playthrough videos on YouTube and I'm finding that my sound doesn't have a whole lot of punch to it even as I roll of the highs on songs I load into Reaper and roll the highs off to allow more room for my guitar playing.

    For what it's worth, I have 3 (two 6-strings, one 7-string) Telecaster-style guitars with DiMarzio D-Activator pickups in the bridge, which have definitely been a big help in getting to where I want to be with my distortion tone. The two ToneCloud presets I've downloaded and seem to also be a good step in the right direction are "Mesa Rectifier Mix" and "Metallica Sanitarium Rhythm."

    Many thanks to anyone who sees this and offers any suggestions here on crafting a good metal distortion sound. I greatly appreciate your time and am looking forward to any responses.