How to track order

  • I ordered a Spark 40 yesterday and received an order confirmation number, but how exactly do I track my order with that number?

  • You really cant. From what I can gather there are two sets of numbers so when someone says they were order # this it does not really tell you where you are on the list. Secondly, there is some talk that they are going to ship by region and not by order date. They say they are shipping 1 a day and if you look at the orders they have received and their letter saying 1K a day are being shipped you could expect a delivery of early June. However, their updates have not been very reliable and I have seen posts that they are shipping only 2-4K this month. If they are shipping 1K a week then you are in for a very long wait. If you check the status it will probably say it is being prepared. Means nothing and other than looking at the number ordered and how long it took you might be able to calculate how many they are actually shipping. The group they are on now only has 10K and they have been getting theirs. Most have been waiting since Nov. However, if their 1K a day is real that group should show as shipped by the end of this month. I think it already has been more than a week that people have been getting them. I would also expect that with a back log like they have they would be going 24/7. No idea if they are but having worked in distribution with a backlog like this they were working round the clock. Granted weekends production was less because you cannot make someone work overtime. So if the current group is not adjustedto shipped by the end of the month you have a very long wait.