Adding Jam along does the music come out of the amp?

  • Trying to figure out using iOS how to get the music track to come out of the amp... I know there is the music knob on the amp but still not getting this figured out... Suggestions???

  • @remanenameless Hi. One possible solution is to check that the amp itself is connected to the iOS device via Bluetooth. Go to your iOS device settings and look at the Bluetooth connections. Hopefully one of the options should be Spark 40 Audio. Connect to that and you should be ok. You might also need to adjust the volume on your device. WARNING. Make sure your device isn't at max and the headphone/music knob on the amp isn't at max. Did this by mistake yesterday, started a track and frightened everyone in the house.

  • @remanenameless using the app to connect, it used “Spark40 BTE” and the blue connection light on back of amp was still flashing. Go to iPad settings, turn Bluetooth OFF then back on and you should see “Spark 40 Audio”. Choose that and you should be good to go!

  • i am using ipad so i got a headphone plug that has 2 male plugs and plug in the ipad and the line in on that back of amp and the played jam tracks and played along with it and it came out of the amp