Acoustic Expansion Pack! Recording a piezo acoustic

  • Hi all.... does anybody have any experience of recording a piezo equipped acoustic guitar using the acoustic expansion pack? I am recording some solo acoustic parts in Reaper using the acoustic expansion pack. With no real documentation from PG, I have experimented using the modules provided in the expansion pack, but some of the FX are confusing. I've looked on the tonecloud, but can't see any usable patches. What experience do people have recording a piezo acoustic? Which modules of the acoustic expansion pack have you found most useful? Do you use the acoustic / keyboard amps? Cheers

  • @redspecial62 The best luck I had doing acoustic guitar with BIAS FX2 was using no amp, the Acoustic Preamp, Acoustic Chorus, and Acoustic Reverb, in that order. (I also use delay before the Preamp, but that's not for everyone...)

    The Acoustic Preamp has a lot of features-- Gain, Polarity, basic EQ, and Compression. The Acoustic Chorus, when used in a subtle way, adds depth. The Acoustic Reverb is also just adding some character.