Upgrades to improve sound quality latency on biasfx 2

  • Hi everyone

    I have just got Bias fx 2 , it's good but I'm having some audio pops so guess my gear isn't good enough somehow. I'm using beringher um2 with asio4all drivers. Windows 10 laptop huawei matebook x 8gb core i5

    any idea what I should buy to resolve this problem? love the software but need to get rid of these sound defects really. I've turned the latency up to as much as is acceptable to me and still having some problems.

    Would a new audio interface do it? I don't know which one to get.

    My ram use is high but I still have some spare, Cpu isn't working that hard.

    Any help appreciated thanks.

  • @paul-k-james hi, some good questions and some sort of hard to just give a one solution fits all answer. I guess the best is to describe solutions that have worked from familiarity if I am to provide anything useful. My first option of course is extreme in a lot of ways but not on other levels and that is first - switch to OSX - get a used 3rd gen quadcore i7 mac that has not been overcooked (7-8 years old is fine) like a macmini - after that I suspect you would be able to achieve decent results (same as a better box with windows too, just not my choice) If the card gave you any troubles after that then replace it otherwise should be fine.

    In short go at least Qaudcore i7 or better xeon maybe 16 ram ssd's and a focused software install (not a machine that you use for everything, just music) Which could be it's own partition to boot if need

  • Thanks for the help appreciated!

    It doesn't sound so good unfortunately. I don't really want to spend so much on a system that would be used just for guitar that wouldn't be portable (unless I bought a powerful macbook I guess) especially as I may still have to buy a more expensive interface too. Maybe I should have bought a better computer.

    For that money I'll think I'll look at hardware modelling solutions. For about $50 this software is really good, shame you need so far beyond the recommended specs to achieve usable performance. I'll look again in a few years when I upgrade my laptop maybe.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Have you tried adjusting your buffer settings in the asio settings?

  • Yes I've messed around with the buffer/latency, it helps a bit. I've got it working ok for practice and messing around, still audio problems for serious applications though. Some models seem to cause less pops than others. I'll keep playing with it for a bit see how it goes.

  • I guess it depends on how much you want to spend as far as the quality you will get with a new interface. Try this web sight https://www.americanmusical.com (American Musical Supply) they have some really good payment plans with no credit check it's were I get most of my gear. What latency are you getting from your interface? Anything more than 5ms isn't desired. also this may help you get your pc a little more tuned up https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/eradicating-pc-audio-clicks-pops hope this helps.