Loud shrill sustained sound when changing amp presets

  • 2 days in a row now I've gotten a loud shrill sound from my Spark amp after selecting a new amp preset. Once it was from the Alternative Amps that come with the App and once with an amp preset from the tone cloud. The sound is like a very loud smoke detector. Has anyone else had this? I'm really enjoying this amp, especially the ability to play along with song changes that I wouldnt even want to exchange it for a new one if this is a know issue with a known solution. Let me know please if anyone else has experienced this

  • Yeah I've had that happen once, so it could be specific to certain patches (or certain FX being used). Wait for the official firmware update then see if it keeps happening. If you can reproduce it reliably then just say which presets your using and how to reproduce it and then the developers can fix it.

  • Brand new Spark as of yesterday, this shrill noise happened twice when saving and going to saved patches. Had to turn the unit off to stop it.

  • This is happening for me as well. Just received my Spark yesterday and within 10 minutes of messing around it happen 3 times. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing headphones, we would be talking about permanent hearing damage. It is loud and frightening when it comes on. Everytime it happened for me I was switching tones on the cloud so there has to be some connection issue when pulling in cloud tone settings. I'll keep an eye out on this thread to see if anyone else can determine what's causing it and if they come up with a fix.

  • @jrethemeyer Hi. I've not had it make a shrill, but I have had it crash completely when changing tones on the cloud. This appears to be fixed in the newish firmware. I would be tempted to put in a support ticket.

  • @tuck60 After playing around between the iPhone app and the Android version, I haven't been able to replicate the loud shrill I experienced earlier this morning. I, however, have also been experiencing a lot of crashing on both platforms. Very frustrating to have to restart constantly.

  • I know this is a bit of an old thread but I got my amp yesterday - 15th July - and this appears to be still an issue. It happened quite a few times. I can recreate it by quickly changing between presets and I was wearing headphones. It's every bit as bad for your ears as you'd imagine. I am using an iPhone. As a tribute to just how great the kit is though, I still think it's brilliant.

  • @ian-flanagan The solution has been to update the firmware. Most people who have done so have reported that the sound you're talking about has disappeared.

  • @dhbailey Updated the firmware and so far been unable to recreate the scream - and I was able to do it easily yesterday. I and my ears thank-you. :-)