Problems with Version 2.1.8 and 2.1.9 BIAS FX2

  • Hi everyone,

    As a user of the Elite version, I have some issues that you might have encountered with the newest versions of BIAS FX2:

    • I need to buy a license for BIAS AMP to access some (if not all) presets I downloaded from the tonecloud in 2.1.9 which is despicable

    • I reverted back to 2.1.8 but now I cant download any presets in the tonecloud as they all have a lock now

    • I have a presets that are put to favorite (even though I didnt put them to favorite) and duplicated as you can see in this screenshot:

    Does anybody still have a previous version of BIAS FX2 that I could install and which doesnt have those problems ? I bought the product around mid November 2019 and I had no issues with this version. That would be awesome.

    Thanks again and stay safe y'all

  • Moderator

    Here is a new beta - v2.1.10, please feel free to give it a try:

    Download v2.1.10.4890

    Release note:

    • Fixed the "duplicated presets issue"
    • Fixed the "ToneCloud preset issue"