Bias FX 2 desktop app

  • I would like to be able to hover my mouse over a dial and see what the setting value is. To be able to see what ms value is for example on a Delay you need to move the dial to see it, but now the value has changed and because you can't hit Enter and edit the value directly you have to move the dial back to what it was. I spend ages trying to set the dial to the value I want, and never actually succeed with the ms Delay settings becasue it is sooo fiddly

  • lol, Wouldn't we all lol
    Welcome to the world of 'The Basic features that PG omitted from the start and refuse to add' , people have been complaining/asking for this among many other basic features which are standard in most other software/amp sims since Positive Grid began, we are talking years, and things are still the same. Don't hold your breath.

    This is why I don't use PG stuff anymore, I keep checking, but it'll never change, they just haven't got a clue, and don't seem to care what people want. Just look at the latest debacle in the Desktop Guitar Software forum lol.

  • yep, direct parameter editing is the biggest amongst many simple features needed ESPECIALLY for delay time. NGH.