Bias FX + guitar pro issues

  • Hi

    I am running the desktop version of bias FX with the latest version through a scarlet 2i4 USB.

    1. When I start guitar pro 6, Bias crashes (the imput dies). Minor problem

    2. When I have the two up and running at the same time, the tempo increases and the pitch is increased in Guitar pro. Major problem.

    I have never had these problems before. I have updated and restarted everything. Anybody have any suggestions? Can it be something to do with bit/Hz settings?


  • you could try using the 32bit version of bias fx pro for standalone stuff and 64bit for DAW stuff
    i have guitar pro 6 and a scarlett 2i4 and bias fx pro and it works fine here , but i did have issues using the 64 bit bias fx stand alone version , so i installed the 32bit version and use that for standalone stuff and now all works as should. You could try that
    cheers !!

  • If your input dies the moment you start guitar pro, you might have some audio settings issue with which application can exclusively control the soundcard and change its settings.

    Try setting the audio configuration at the same frequency/bits on both application and then try different driver types (asio, wdm, directsound...).