Signal issues / lack of gain / not hot signal.

  • So! I have a Fractal axefx2 as my guitar interface which I will never let go of. I also use bias fx2 elite. When I play a guitar thru the axe and use the axe processing, my guitar pickups sound wonderfully hot....

    When I click bypass to send the signal thru to let it go into the daw and have the sound processed by bias fx, it feels like I have to pick harder to get the gain im looking for and still come up short.

    Keep in mind this is not a volume issue, it’s a pickup issue. For example, My guitar sustains way longer thru the axe, but dies off quicker in bias. Or pinch harmonics are harder to achieve. Same guitar, same path, totally different feel.

    I’m using Logic Pro on a Mac with plenty of processing power and ram.

    Help? Thanks for any and all input.