[Android] - Prevent screen to lock

  • Hello guys,

    I just got my Spark (Power Supporter), I noticed that in the Android Spark App ( Android,
    my screen lock very constantly, is there a way to prevent this happening without disable globally at the os level, like apps like youtube and such?

  • @dhgouveia2 hi, Ive exactly the same problem. Oftentimes when I want to use the smart jam function, my display shuts down while the app is listening. I couldn't find any settings to prevent this so I'm using the app STAY ALIVE as a workaround. It's not the best option since I don't like extra apps on my phone but at least it is one option. If someone knows another solution for this Id be happy. Or maybe Positive Grid could come up with a setting in the app. I use the app Ultimate Guitar Chords which keeps the display on all the time. Something like that would be neat.