Locating Purchased Celestion IR files

  • Recently bought the full works - Amp2/FX2/Pedal. Also purchased both Celestion IR packages (Classic and Modern Vintage.) I cannot find where these IR files are stored, or I am looking at them and don't recognize them. Where can I find them? Are they JSON files? WAV?

    I also want to add additional IRs to the program. How?


  • @gary The Celestion IR's have their own section.
    Click on a cab and then scroll down the list on the left. You'll see listings for Classic and Modern Vintage.


    To add additional IR's, click on a cab, scroll down to IR Loader on the list on the left, then User IR files. The Import link is above on the right.


  • @gary
    hey gary..what version did you get? i did the same and purchased the elite versions of both after some great deals with PG. got the pedal pack with the upgrade ..i got the classic cabs as well in amp2 elite but not the modern vintage ,,i dont know if youve updated fx2 but im getting some ugly sounds in the presets ,,,tried loading slash tone and i cant even get near my strings without it totally breaking up..Dont think it was doing that before i updated to 2-1-8-4840.in your ir loader your user ir files youll see reveal file folder and it will bring you to folder .yes they are json files.
    i havent played around with them yet as im trying to get my head around these presets that dont seem to be right .the frusciante tones are also terrible so im hoping to go back to 2-1-7-4820 to see if that sorts it out ..could you let me know if youre having the same trouble before i hit up PG for some answers.. cheers hope that helped a little

  • gary check out a post from sound woofer on the forum ..hes got a few ir loader downloads ..might be useful

  • @myxolydian Thanks, will check that out. But I would still like to find where they physically exist on my hard drive and see an actual folder with the names of each, specifically the two Celestion packages I got right after purchasing the program.

  • Hi Gary, I went through the same steps as you when I purchased the BiasFX2 Elite and Celestion Vintage pack during Black Friday sales. I use Mac OS as my desktop OS and could not find the Bias Celestion Vintage IR’s whereas I can easily locate my other 3rd party IR’s. I came to the conclusion that these packs are not a true IR that can be used in multiple software platforms. I then purchased a “true” Celestion IR pack through the Positive Grid website. I can easily locate these WAV files and use them in my other software platforms. I feel the Positive Grid website info could be a bit more clear in this respect, and if I knew this I would not have purchased the Vintage pack. In my opinion, the Bias FX cabinets, which includes the Celestion Vintage pack, are the weakest part of an otherwise fairly decent and great value amp sim.