Spark App Limitations

  • Apologies for those who have yet to receive their amp and I do not mean to rub any salt into your wounds by posting a not so positive post about using my recently received amplifier whilst some are still waiting.

    So, I am just an amateur guitar player and purchased one of the Spark Amps and the app being used on an Android phone (I have an old iPAD but the OS won't allow the Spark App to run - basically I need a new iPAD).

    1 :-( Thus far, the Spotify link doesn't display songs properly and is slow loading your profile. Maybe it should cache it or something, dunno. Song titles do not show as they are clipped.

    2 :-) The sounds are great. Downloading from the cloud from others is good though naming conventions need to adhere to a standard as Clean to me means no distortion etc but hey.

    3 :-( Using an Android phone is a pain in the @rse as the screen locks and though a trusted app, just a pain in the harris.

    4 :-) The play along part of the software is what I was looking forward to but appear a little let down. If I play an 8 bar tune, the chords are out of sequence on playback. If I play anything offbeat, this is even worse.

    5 :-| Is there a guitar tuner as part of the app? I couldn't see anything. But then I haven't read the instructions fully :-0

    Overall the hype is like a video game advert where there should have been a caveat stating "Not actual real time" or something. An expensive practice amp thus far but happy to be proved wrong over time

    PS - If anyone is using an iPad, does Spotify work OK? Should I now spend 3-500 quid for a new iPad?

  • @davegas666 I have been using the Spark app on an iPad Air, 1st generation, Model # MD786LL/A with ios 12, and the app runs without any problems. Also, the tuner is part of the AMP not the app..although I find it a bit awkward.