Any Chance Of Becoming Waves SoundGrid Compatible?

  • I own just about everything from Positive Grid, and it would be super awesome if I could run off my SoundGrid DSP server.

    The PG plugs are kind of large CPU hogs, which is fine if that is why they sound so good, but it would be nice to move them off my DAW and run from the DSP server on my studio DAW and live rigs.

    Right now, I get around the issue with VEP, but that is just one more link in the chain of things to break.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the possibility?

  • I don't know of any solutions, but I think i can tell you why they are CPU hogs.

    At least for me anyway.

    I run Cubase 9 with BIAS FX and BIAS AMP 2. I like to use AMP 2 within FX so I can use the FX with the nicer sounding amp models.

    Turns out the BIAS plugs only seem to be optimized for 2 thread operation, so it pegs my first 2 CPU cores, while my other 2 physical cores (and 4 hyperthread threads) don't do squat. Total CPU usage will be less than 30%, but core one and 2 are pegged out and the VST engine is overloaded due to the plugin.

    I'm using an RME UFX II. super stable drivers. I7-7700k, one of the fastest single thread CPU's out there even still (just barely slower then the 8700k). I also have it overclocked to 5.0ghz (stock is 4.2).

    If i run one dual tone which means 2 total instances of bias amp 2 within Bias FX, at a 128 buffer, VST engine goes to 80+ percent. It's absolutely ridiculous.

    You could have a $2000 CPU (i9-7980xe for istance) and still peg out your VST engine because of this plugin.

    I isolated it to AMP 2. It was fine with any of the included Bias FX amps. When running 2 instances of AMP 2, the same effect occurs.

    I am going to start a new thread about it, but thought I would post here in case you missed it.