Only If the delivery gets delayed again...

  • I bought the players special on January 27th, and I'm not sure about the what number I was.

    PG already delayed the delivery date once, from Feburary to march, but now seeing what's going on with the Corona virus pandemic, I'm more certain they won't get the March due date as promised.

    I can't believe I have to wait for a whole 2 months for an amp they stated that would be delivered within a month.

    PG, if you actually care about your customers and company's reliability, you NEED to do somthing that equals the value of time we're waiting for your amp.

    Especially if you guys delay the delivery date again, you can't just give excuses to your customers who's waiting for a product for almost 2~4 months. Words don't mean anything. Show some action.

  • Please don't take offense to this, but if you are upset now after about 6 weeks since you placed your order, do yourself a favor and cancel the order and move on. People are still waiting from late October and early November.

  • Man, there are people waiting since Oct! lol. Cancel now man, do yourself a favour.

  • Jeon, no, they haven't delayed it just once. They have delayed shipment several times. Today's notice is just another in a line of excuses. My amp was due to ship in January. Then they said it would be received in February. Then in February they proudly proclaimed that the early birds (approx. 1000), expecting their amps in December, had been shipped in the first week of February and that we would be receiving our amps by the end of February. Then a message that it would be March and April. When I asked for tracking numbers for my shipped amp or a refund by Mar 6, they immediately refunded my money. They knew they would not be shipping my amp and others in time. Expect more delays. Lengthy ones.

  • I wonder how much they made in interest with our funds?