Bias FX2 will not load up in Studio one 4

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled bias fx2. I have cleared my black list in studio one. i have made sure that studio one is searching the correct folder. Any ideas on what to do next?

  • Although I no longer use BIAS products, (I do keep an eye on them in case they eventually fix the many problems and omissions they have with the entire line of products) I never had any issues with S1 and PG products.

    You did install the 64bit version of BIAS ? Studio One is 64bit only and won't see 32bit plugs unless via the likes of jbridge or 32bit lives etc.(although not recommended . . . say no to 32bit)

    If that's ok, you can try the following with Studio One not running,

    Go to - users/your user name/AppData/Roaming/PreSonus/Studio One 4 - and either rename, for example ORIGINALx64, or cut and paste elsewhere or otherwise remove the folder x64 (rename is the best) then start Studio One, it will build a new x64 folder and contents and re scan everything. Its kind of like a brute force way of ensuring everything is clean. Then check if BFX2 shows up. You will likely need to redo various settings, but you can also copy and paste the non plugin related files from the ORIGINALx64 folder into the new one if you prefer. If you want everything back as it was (including your issue with BFX2) just remove the new x64 folder, and rename the ORIGINALx64 folder back to just x64 and you will be back as you were.

    Best of luck