Are the Celestion packs worth it? (BA2)

  • They seem quite pricey for what they are but if they significantly improve the sound I might buy one. Are they worth the money in your experience?

  • @scaryguitartricks if you are leaning toward buying then wait for sale pricing and or coupon codes (combined in the former) then value will change a bit - value is so subjective because does any of this sh*t have value? not just this software but all of it. If it serves a purpose and can even replace a physical tool then it has a kind of value that means more to some than to others as well.

    Mess with the stock speakers and mics and see if you like using this feature and want more, then it offers another layer of value in that it will sound different which adds more choices

    I'd say most people do not need this but the truth is on sale it is so cheap for what it offers I got it just because I want the 2x12 75 watt creambacks, also I use the desktop software and want my patches to be usable with both platforms

  • I like the Celestions very much and have replaced the speaker for a Celestion one in a lot of my patches. But sincerely I haven’t still tried all speakers.