Possible explanation for 'lack of communication'

  • Perhaps Positive Grid are receiving so many orders they don't care if people cancel as well as feeling they have explained themselves enough and are loathe to buy into the hype of supposition. How many times must a person explain themselves? Once done there has to be a point where you say 'no!...no more!'
    And if distrusting impatient people are gonna go all 'days of our lives' in forums etc and cancel their orders then good on 'em. The Positive Grid family are a group of young scientists, designers, pc wiz kids and musos. They've done an excellent job setting the whole thing up, for God's sake give them a chance to get over some teething problems and make a few PR blunders coz I for one am sure that their intentions are solid and I will be looking forward to my technologically obsolete amp when I get it next year ,nah just joking... So to all you complainers....go suck a lemon 😊 nah just joking.

  • @pmcm7317
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but i for one disagree with your assessment. You may chalk it up to "teething problems" and "PR blunders", but i say its mis-information to drive up sales. For example, if you place order order today it says expect to be delivered in March or April. Do you still believe that to be the case? Also in months past, detailed in other threads i posted in, the pre order delivery date was much earlier than we here in the forums knew was possible. Why wasnt PG upfront with those customers? Do you believe that to be fair?

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  • @edmit15 well the shipping date for a new order is of course going to be different from someone who has already been delayed... If PG are hoping for the shipping process to speed up then I can imagine it would be hard to anticipate when exactly a product would be shipped. All businesses are subject to exaggerating their abilities in providing a product or service... Didn't you ever watch the show Shark Tank where potential investees were always being told how they had inflated notions of the value of their businesses or would exaggerate on the number of units they could produce in a year. I think PG might be just hoping that once production speeds up they'll be spitting them out all over the place... being overly confident perhaps ... I'd hate to think they are just sitting back waiting to get as much money as they can before running for the hills, but even if they are then really they're doing themselves much more damage than they are to anyone else.

  • @pmcm7317 ..."well the shipping date for a new order is of course going to be different from someone who has already been delayed."
    Positive grid is telling new customers that ordering now means delivery in March-April. In private (email to customers waiting for months) they are giving the same window. Also note that updates giving this information to the older customers are up to number 5.1. This information is not available on the website for new customers (current update is 4.3). Draw your own conclusion.

    PG has two types of customers waiting for the Spark Amp: those who know from experience that there are significant issues involved in the production and shipping of this product and those who are blissfully unaware.

    If PG is informing new customers that they will receive their orders in March/April and are basing this information on logistical information that is one thing. If, however, they are "hoping" (i.e. March/April delivery) is the case then I think they are doing all their customers a disservice.

  • @rwspencer
    Thank you for summing it up, thats exactly what i meant. Especially with the lack of transparency they've shown. Why are updates about the product being sent individually to people and not posted to the public (possible customers). It certainly makes it seem as though they are hiding information and dont want to inform everyone of the issues.

  • @rwspencer Great summary... Although, they need to do is provide update dates here in the forums.
    Even if they said something like this week we are shipping order 101-110.

    Bringing a new product market it hard but communicating to your customers is easy. The message maybe hard but the act is easy. When you fail to communicate as a manufacturer you loss customer good will and trust which is what you are seeing in these forums. Recovering Trust with a customer is very hard. I for one will never buy a physical product from bias again in a pre order. I will likely only buy it if I can touch the actual package. My order was 1600s order in early november. I have not received a single un-solicited communication from bias since my order.

    At the end of the day, some of us probably could help them...