spark app song chords - a Metal perspective

  • Have had a bit of time to search and play back heaps of metal songs,especially tending to more the extreme genres, the chords are 90% all incorrect.

    Did a final test on my own recorded music, as I know what I played ... 100% incorrect.

    So for all the metalheads out there, if you're looking to purchase the spark amp specifically for this feature on the app, you'll be pretty disappointed.

    You'll defenitely need to complement all your previous resources with what this app offers.

    Tried the backing tracks, the bass seems too low, I'm not too sure if there's a mixer setting to adjust the instruments/drum volumes separately .
    If not, I'm sure it could easily be implemented in a software upgrade at a later stage.

    On saying this,although I haven't received the amp yet, I am still keen to receive the amp,
    I don't have a Bluetooth speaker yet, so if all else fails, which I doubt really, this is just another technology upgrade for my needs.

    By the way, if you don't want the amp, you can still download the app, register like most sites, and use most of what's offered on it, and route the fone headphones out to any audio in of whatever you're using now.

    So that's just my perspective...