POWER SUPPORTERS please notify when you get shipping email

  • @jameswwiggin

    Are you really sure FedEx has this package and this is not another empty promise packing slip created by positive grid to get upset customers off there backs.

    I to am a power supporter who also got the same exact email saying that my spark was in the process of being shipped and I will receive it on Wednesday 27th.
    However when I go to FedEx web page, they do not have possession of this package,
    And thus not likely that I will receive it on the 27th, This is not the first time that this is happened to myself or other people have ordered the spark amp. It is a trick positive grid is using to make people think there spark amps are in the mail (for some, they have received there spark amps, but for many it is not the case, just a delaying tactic).

  • @tonyfederici1964 I would bet that since they ship Fedex ground that you get notified when they create the shipping label which means they may have printed your label and slapped it on the box to be shipped so they can close your order as processed. BUT!!! They are probably also future shipping your package for a certain date so it can go out on a full pallet instead of one unit at a time. I do it all the time. Fedex only comes once a day here so we send by the pallet. But we also fulfill requests within 24 hrs usually so its daily regardless if the pallet is full or not. shrug Thats my best guess and prolly how they do it. Or the label is created while your package is still in china. lol

  • @chritopher144

    The shipping label was created at 2:33AM on Wednesday morning. It was not picked up on Wednesday or Thursday. It seems that the label was made remotely from overseas as at the same time, I received an email from Mr. Haung who is located outside of the US. So I have my doubts that the promises date of Wednesday the 27th my (and other people’s) spark will arrive (as to be received on this date. FedEx must have picked them up on Wednesday the 20th, and this did not happen). To myself, my opinion, it looks more like another delaying tactic.

  • I posted this in another thread, hope it helps:

    Dec 1 '19 - Ordered Spark Amp (#103738)
    May 13 '20 - In Transit
    May 20 '20 - Shipped (per Positive Grid website, however Fedex site showed "pending")
    May 22 '20 - Fedex shows that it shipped and will arrive on 05-27-20

  • Got mine via FedEx today. Ordered on Dec. 01.

  • Ok, mine has to be getting close...Dec 2nd order..... California.

  • @dlw667 Looks like mine will take about 6 months to get here then.
    Your order took almost 6 months.
    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I got mine today. Ordered November 22nd.

  • @lapickbiz Wow another person whose order took OVER SIX MONTHS to arrive. And they placed their order early in November. Those who just ordered thinking they will get theirs in 2 months had better recalculate that !!! You'll be lucky to get it in 2020, and then new amps will be out at the new NAAM show, this thing will be outdated !

  • @johnny No, PG wouldnt do that. Their word is their word. Just relax and everything will get to us in a timely manner.

  • @johnny PG wasn't building them when I ordered, and they are building a few thousand a month now. I would not expect a new order to take six months. Five? :-) But now I need to suffer through a couple hours of work before I can set up the iPhone, plug in the Strat, and hear what this thing can do!

  • I ordered mine on December 1, 2019. My order was #103812. I received an email one week ago stating it was shipping. It arrived this afternoon... Check out my unboxing and first look at this amazing contraption!


  • Well, mine has been “shipped” for 8 days now. FedEx still shows pending, and I’m fairly sure it’s not a clerical error because their warehouse is close enough to me that we use the same FedEx distribution facility. It’d be here by now if it had been dropped off the day they said it was shipped. Frustrating, especially when I see people with the same ship date or later successfully getting theirs.

    Ordered Dec 1st.

  • Power Supporter. Ordered December 2nd. Scheduled to finally arrive Wednesday June 10th! California. It actually took an email to support to kick start the delivery. Not sure how much longer I would have waited if I didn't email them to find out why, if my amp was in the California wearhouse, it had been "in transit" for almost 4 weeks....when I lived in California. The next day a shipping label was created....and today FedEx has it and delivery is scheduled!

  • I would also just like to say that PG support was always very responsive to my inquiries and although it has taken 6 mos to get to the shipping point, they never blew off my questions along the way.

  • Ordered 2 nov 2019.
    Arrived today 16 June

  • @bradley_ames75 What? The little carrots they keep feeding all of us is no longer working? So much for their brilliant marketing plan.

    But don't worry, Kevin McVillianRay will be here soon to tell us all that we are all idiots and just need to work on our patience.... and that Positive Grid is a top notch company. And he might even call a few of us more names for disparaging his company. Nice peeps these Positive Greeders. I mean Positive Gridders.

    Positive Greed, the Great Carrot Company.

  • @cratica

    I feel your pain.

  • @k-mcg Looks like I will be receiving mine 8 MONTHS + out from reading these delivery nightmares. And reading about all the issues and dissatisfaction I'm close to cancelling.

  • @johnny

    Do it. Your opinion of it has already been tainted by your perceived injustices so far. There's no way you'll be able to like or enjoy the product after all that. The first little thing you don't like about your new spark will only further inflame you, no matter how insignificant it is.

    "Why the flashing light? Grrrr!"

    "How come there's no foot pedal? Grrrr!"

    "I used a Gilmour tone from the cloud, but I still sound like a ham-fisted schmuck! Grrrr!"

    Seriously, bail now. Do yourself a favour.