Noise Gate Button in Bias fx2 ???

  • Where is the noise gate button in bias fx 2 desktop?, I have just already changed bias fx 1 by bias fx 2 And this button it dissapear ????

  • You can insert a Noise Gate pedal in the Routing FX Chain. 0_1582113009328_Noise Gate.PNG

  • Ok thanks, the old option was faster....

  • The old FX1 method had 1 overall noise gate, whereas FX2 has the noise gate as a pedal that can be added if needed....FX2 gives more flexibility.

  • FX1 also allowed you to insert four different noise gate-ish pedals wherever you wanted in the chain.

    All they've done is removed a semi-useful feature, as having dedicated controls right next to the input level was convenient. More convenient than going through the somewhat slow and clunky "add FX" UI.

    Personally, I gave up on FX2 and just use FX1 for everything. It's been over a year since release (right?) and while it's newer, I'm not convinced FX2 is actually an improvement over FX1 (for my purposes). Or ever likely to be.