Spark app issues (iOS)

  • I've had my amp for a week now and am still getting my head around all the screens and options on the app. Generally seems okay, though I'm sure I saw a YouTube clip with more than just "Dave" on the smart jam?
    Today I updated the app to v1.3.1
    I've had a few problems that I hadn't encountered before. Worst one is with tones I've downloaded from the cloud. When I select a tone everything seems okay. When I select a different tone, it stays on the first tone but the volume drops away to nothing. A few repetitions of this and I get the "noise of death". Fortunately PG haven't shipped my headphones yet so I still have working ears 😜
    The only way I've found out of this is to switch off the amp, switch off BT on my phone and start everything up again. I'll try and get a more specific fault tree but for now I can't recommend updating the app to 1.3.1
    Hopefully PG will get on the case. Once I have more of a handle on this, I'll let them have a bug report.

  • @mailbox I haven't updated my iOS app yet, so will hold on until I see if it made any improvements. On the old version I hadn't experienced the "noise of death", but had encountered a total freeze when switching quickly across new tones.
    Let me know how you get on.

  • Okay, quick update on my original post. I now have a routine that seems to work (for me):
    BEFORE switching on the amp, turn OFF BT on the iPhone.
    Switch ON amp.
    Turn ON BT on phone (lock screen short cut).
    Go to "Settings/Bluetooth", Tap on "Spark 40 Audio" - status changes to "Connected".
    Open Spark app.
    Use the top left menu (3 horizontal lines) and select first option (connect hardware).
    Follow instructions to connect to Spark amp.
    When using Spark, if you get to the screen with a list of tones (scrolling list with current tone in dull red), and you want to select a backing track, NEVER click on the cross in the top right! Instead tap the tone you have selected to go to the tone set up (amps/effects etc). At this point the track and profile menus (amp, music note,person) are available at the bottom of the screen.

    I know this seems a long winded way around but it quickly becomes easy and since working this way I haven't had a single glitch while using Spark amp and app.