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  • @mick_maas said in Positive Grid $$:

    Positive Grid must be over the moon with Spark sales, if you count the last few hundred unit's left, PG have made $5,421,550.00 US in sales overall with pre-sales. Nice work!

    Yeah pretty incredible what they have achieved. Hey its a great product..so they deserve it.

  • I’m sure they’re happy with sales, but they haven’t “made” $5.4 million. You have to balance sales revenue against development, manufacturing and marketing costs, which are considerable. I doubt they’re at the break even point yet.

  • @jhk3rd From my calculations, other than the amps they gave away for people to review, PG has only delivered 1050 units to the early bird purchasers. The rest of us have yet to see a product. Even though those of us expecting delivery in Jan are still waiting yet people buying today, Feb 20, are being told their amp will arrive by end of Mar. It would seem that, as of right now, PG is holding a lot of money for a product that they haven't delivered yet. There are 9,000 customers awaiting their "Power Supporter" amp. If they have only been able to produce 1050 units in the last two months, and they still have the same production managers in charge, it could take them 18 months to fill the orders for the Power Supporters at a rate of 1050 units per 2 months.

  • @desertdrifter7 My feeling too.

  • @desertdrifter7 I totally agree also, I want the amp but if it doesn't arrive by the end of March I will be asking for a refund.

    Another interesting fact that I have noticed for example the "Last Chance Special's" PG keep increasing the quantity available e.g. 2 days ago the Spark pre-order was 3299/3350 sold. Today the website now shows 3492/3650 sold?

  • I understand that we need to wait for the amp we ordered....but do expect a somewhat close to the date of a delivery. What I don’t agree with is continuing to take orders and misspeaking about a shipping timeframe...,i.e. the last chance sale for this Amp. Fill the orders you have and get it right. You have what? Three groups that have been waiting.

  • They were still advertising an early Feb ship for orders when they were emailing us orders would be delayed until March and later. Great way to pump sales and deflate customers. Congrats !

  • @mick_maas Good catch. So they can pump sales. I feel like I was taken actually by this misleading ad.

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